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Tabele de produse in magento
« : Martie 22, 2021, 02:26:32 p.m. »
    catalog_product_entity - this one is the main product table. It contains the id, sku, attribute set and a few other details

    catalog_product_entity_int|varchar|text|datetime|decimal - these tables contain attribute values. Each attribute has a type and based on that type the value is inserted in the right table.

    catalog_product_website - this table contains the association of products on websites (product id, website id). If you don't add the products to at least a website nothing will be inserted here.

    catalog_category_product - this table contains the association between products and categories (product id, category id). if you don't assign products to categories nothing will be inserted here

    catalog_category_product_index - this tables also holds the association between products and categories but it is populated after reindexing.

    catalog_product_entity_gallery, catalog_product_entity_media_gallery, catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value - these hold references to images assigned to

    catalog_product_link this holds the links between products: cross-sells, up-sells, related products, child products of configurable & grouped products

    catalog_product_link_attribute, catalog_product_link_attribute_decimal|int|varchar, hold the positions and other attribute values that might be related to the links above for the related products up-sells and cross-sells

    catalog_product_entity_tier_price contains the tier prices for the products

    catalog_product_option holds the product custom options

    catalog_product_option_price holds the custom options prices

    catalog_product_option_title holds the custom options titles

    catalog_product_option_type_value holds the custom options type values

    catalog_product_option_type_price holds the custom options price types

    catalog_product_relation holds a kind of redundant parent-child relation for configurable products

    catalog_product_index_* hold values for product attributes after reindexing

    catalog_product_bundle_* hold relations and options for bundle products

    donwloadable_* - hold data related to downloadable products